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When I was a kid, my parents had a coffee table book called “The Family of Man”. It was the printed version of a January 1955 Museum of Modern Art photo exhibit by the same name. In the show (and the book) were 503 images by 273 photographers originating in 69 countries filled with some of the most extraordinary images I, as a young boy, had ever seen. That book and it’s images, stayed with me as an example of the emotional impact photographs can have –and the effect they had on me.


Photo technology has changed a lot since those days of darkrooms and Kodak Box cameras but the fundamentals of photography remain:  making interesting pictures. We don’t take pictures we make pictures” said Ansel Adams.

The most interesting pictures include a piece of the photographer; as Minor White said: “…all photographs are self-portraits.” .
Every picture shows the subject in front  front of the camera as well as a little bit about the someone  on the other side of the camera.

Everyone sees photography differently and that difference results in wildly different creations. The trick is being true to yourself and being different too. From the tools we use; digital or film, Photoshop or darkroom, highly modified or journalistic the differences define us. An old poker saying goes “if you look around the poker table and don’t know who the patsy is; it’s you”.
My own photographic corollary is: If you can’t see a portion of yourself in your pictures then who’s are they?”.
Portland Oregon Jan 28, 2016

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